Thank you!

We’ve had an amazing four months of Havaya@Home, capped off by two incredible weeks with more than 100 programs!

Now, we’re taking some time to step back and plan for the year ahead.

Stay tuned for more details about our online opportunities to connect with Havaya beginning in September.


An Important Note for Adults

We pride ourselves on creating welcoming, inclusive, values-based, and celebratory communities in each of our Havaya Summer Programs. This is possible only with a high level of hands-on supervision that is simply impossible in an online setting. Please note that all supervision responsibilities for individual participants during Havaya@Home sessions fall to those children’s parents or legal guardians. Similarly, parents are responsible for their child’s physical safety and cyber-security; we cannot guarantee the security or efficacy of Zoom, Facebook, or other online platforms that may be used during the course of the program. All live sessions will be recorded; participation in a session signifies the parent or legal guardian’s understanding and approval that photographs, video, or likenesses of their child may be used for promotional purposes. More details on our terms and conditions are available online. As with our in-person programs, we expect participants to stand up for themselves and their friends and take responsibility for their actions; we will not accept behaviors such as bullying, violence, repeated profanity, disrespect, or bigotry. We’re serious about being our best selves—it’s How We Be!

Camp JRF is now Camp Havaya.

Worry not! We have a new name but, deep down, we’re still the same incredibly diverse and welcoming community where kids explore Judaism in their own ways and become the best versions of themselves.

Learn more about why we chose this name or click through to visit our website. Either way, we can’t wait to welcome you to Camp Havaya this summer!